About Us

      Carrera Guns have a long history of experience in the development and production, therefore it is not surprising, that their market launch will have an unparalleled success all over the world. Every user will  appreciate deeply the Carrera brand and many times in usage life period would not pass without it.

     There is a good reason why Carrera Pistols and Revolvers will be always the first choice. Carrera is the only major manufacturer of blank&signal pistols that offers replicas and small arms exclusively from its own production. State-of-the art manufacturing methods ensure excellent dimensional accuracy and a fine surface finish. The extraordinary precision and optimised trajectory of the pistols are impressive.

     Carrera Arms Companies every employee has a valuable experience which is always taken into account in the development process and influences every smallest detail of the production flow. This personal commitment is an important part of our fair philosophy. 

      Carrera Arms, will begin operations sharing a corporated manufacturing plant in Maltepe ISTANBUL with  Mesut CAKICI has been named as Owner of Carrera Arms and Carrera brand as well.